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Hello All

Now that BBC7 and Performance are up and going and FTA, I want to be able to switch to them regularly on my Humax rather than Sky DigiBox [wich will be in use by SWMBO]

I currently have two Lnbs on my Motorized dish so that I can switch between E13 and E19 via my DiSeq 1 switch.

I think the best arrangement would be to install a Twin Lnb of the type used by $ky+ in place of the standard $ky Lnb and take one of the feeds to one of the other spare outlets on the DiSeq switch, and from there to the Humax.

Any better solutions?

If not, are the $ky+ Lnbs compatible with a standard $ky dish, i.e will they fit the end of the arm, and will there be much loss in signal compared to a single Lnb which I suppose should have a slightly better focus.

Also are these Lnbs available freely, and what do they cost.

Regards to all



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The Twin and quad LNBs are available at around the £50/£60 mark WH and the Philips units will fit any Sky minidish. Performance should not be too different from the standard.