easy as abc?



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2old4this I went to a keys website , had keys for astra/hotbird via access they were displayed like this

(Channel name)
xx xx xx xx xx xx (the xx is the letters and numbers)

When I get my programmer is this is what I type in the interface and click send to card (some thing like that???)

Which is the cheapest programmer to get for viacess and what cards do they take. pics or epromms.. :)


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There are different ways of programming/manipulating cards. Indeed there are different types of card, different types of programmer, and many different sowtware packages for doing the programming/manipulation.

When writing to an original subscriber card, one usually uses individual commands for manipulating individual keys. In that case, the command string may well incorporate the hexadecimal keys you mention.
On the other hand, wafers are more commonly programmed by loading whole files into their chips, and the files include the keys already embedded in them. If the keys are not valid then you will need to edit them yourself, but that is not done via the programmer. It is done using a small edit program made for that fileset, which runs on your PC. You edit he file, save it, and then load THAT file onto the chip of the wafer.
In fact, if you are using wafer files of a certain typ, then some key editing can be achieved via the remote control without recourse to the programmer. In that case, the keys will necessarily have to be in decimal format (sinve you only have decimal digits on your remote).