Echostar 3000 postiioner problems

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Jan 1, 2000
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If you have a problem with your Echostar 3000,3600 positioner

If your dish is mis-positioning when using a jack arm or H-H mount using the 36 VDC output ?

There is a minor soldering problem on the switch mode power supply pcba in the form of a 1-2 watt resistor that can lead to the dish not postioning correctly. The software fails and simply the software loops to an incorrectly defined position.
The failure is potentially design related with respect to the width of track used at this point, the resistor is located near the centre of the board and can normely be idnetified from the burining marks on the PCBA however it is a simple soldering fix to repair.

I have used at my UK home a Echostar AD3000 for several years to drive a 2.0 mtr and even a 3.7 on a H-H without any problems other than the resistor issue identified.

The resisitor its self is not normally damaged.


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