Echostar 7000HDD with Panasonic TuDSB40?


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2old4this said:
Here we go again....

there really is no "best" receiver. It depends entirely on your actual requirements.

With the greatest of respect to T24, the Sammy is not comparable to the Echostar 7000. The Echostar has a whole bunch of features that most other receivers (including the Sammy) simply lack. These include: proper motor control (as opposed to DiSEqC), analogue reception, built-in hard-disk for recording off-air, but also in the Echostar's case for storing and playback of MP3s and photographs; magnetic and motororised polarisor control; external decoder connector (eg for D2MAC); etc.
But then, the Echostar doesn't have everything (it has no multicas facility, for example) and it is relatively expensive.

Define your requirments, THEN make your choice.

Hi M8
I am waiting for a Panasonic TB 40 sky receiver and I was wondering if I can connect it to my DVR7000HDD and use the Echostar as a motor drive for the sky box. And also... would it be possible to record from the skybox? Thanks in advance and greetings from Iceland, Nenni


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Hi Nenni, welcome to the forum. :)

I split this post from the original thread, as it should get a better response on its own.

PS. Put your Icelandic Satellite forum up in the Nobbly's Big Links Forum. :)


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I do something similar with my Topfield 4000PVR. I have my Grundig Sky box connected to the 2nd LNB out. When I want to watch Sky I use the Topfield to rotate my dish, turn off the Topfield, turn on the Grundig and watch Sky.

This is how its connected (Tf = Topfield):

Dish LNB -> Tf LNB1 out
Tf LNB1 out -> Tf LNB2 in
Tf LNB2 out -> Grundig LNB in

I don't know about recording Sky on the Echostar, but if it cannot record from the scart or composite, then I doubt very much it will work. Satellite PVR receivers don't really 'record' anything, they simply copy the video/audio stream to the hard disk and I doubt that the Echostar is any different.