Echostar AD-3000IP



I'm about to upgrade finally to a 16:9 TV, which will involve some rewiring. I have a few questions:

1.I see from the Echostar manual that there is a 16:9 aspect ratio selection with 'pan vector'. What is this?

2.Does the Echostar output RGB automatically without having to make a manual menu change like on the Sky Digiboxes?

3.I have a Sky Digibox hooked up with the Echostar with a Satellite Priority Switch (so one LN:cool:. Will the Digibox's RGB output pass through the Echostar so that I only have one RGB Scart from the Echostar going to my TV, or do I need separate scarts from each receiver going to separate inputs on monitor? (Reason for asking is I need to know how many RGB inputs to have on TV before purchase).

Many thanks in advance for help.