Echostar DSB2110-Viaccess



Apologies that my first post is about a problem I have with the above receiver but I don't seem to be getting anywhere by myself.

The receiver has been working fine for 12 months or so, albeit as a fixed system receiving Hotbird.For some obscure (and stupid reason)I decided to reset the machine to factory settings - I was actually trying to see if I could do OTA upgrades -which I can't. The problem I have now is when I try install again ,I can go through the procedure to programme Hotbird ok until I start the search - when it starts, picks up 19 channels then stops searching and asks me to start the menu again. It always stops at the same point no matter how many variations I try.

Can anyone offer any guidance or direct me to any previous postings -I have looked through this discussion board without success.I had thought it may be as well to visit a local dealer -would they be able to reinstall and the same time complete the download to allow me to do OTA upgrades.

Any help gratefully received.