Just Sharing This Enigma2 for Plex DVR = HRTunerProxy


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My Satellite Setup
Gibertini 1.5, TD88 Clone, Gibertini 1.25 & Sky Mini Dish.

Fixed Lnb’s on 19.2°E,13°E,9°E,5°E, 1.0°W & 5°W connected to Mutant HD51 + TBS6522, TBS6983.

Dr HD D15, TM5302, Vu Duo connected to Plex.
My Location
South Somerset.
take a look at this project: GitHub - OpenViX/HRTunerProxy: Setup Enigma2 to act as HR-Tuner Proxy

all I did was flash my Vu Duo with openvix, then I installed the plugin via the "download plugins" its under system plugins.

plex dvr most times picked it up via the add tuner menu, if not just enter the ip address eg 192.168.x.x:6084

so far its running great :D only a few issues with recording hd content, sd is fine.