Europe steps up war on spam



Europeans are finally winning legal tussles against digital peddlers of get-rich-quick schemes, sexual aids and mature content, Reuters reports.

In December, a German court ordered three companies to stop sending pornographic e-mails to Microsoft's Hotmail users. And a French court recently issued a cease and desist order on a man who admitted sending 150,000 e-mail offers for an "electric-pliant scooter" to AOL and Hotmail users.

And more cases are pending across Europe including in Denmark and Sweden, Microsoft and AOL say.

"Spam is very high on the agenda of most governments. It is a difficult matter to tackle, but we are seeing some progress on this front," said Beatrice Belmas, director of legal and corporate affairs for Microsoft in Europe.

In the United States, where the legal crackdown started years earlier, dozens of courts across the country have fined spammers and ordered them to cease their activities.

Dean C

Bout damn time - im sick of spam. Worst thing is for people with catchall. these spammers always email webmaster@.... these days :(