European satellite signal 'strengths'.


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Hi folks,

Expat has got me going. That demon bird Astra 2D: hate it.

Having read his thread the other day, I changed the position of my 85cm dish, changed the cable, remade connections, etc, etc. No joy (unsurprisingly).

I swung the dish around to see how many encrypted channels I couldn't watch. However, doing all this got me thinking.

The new location of my dish meant I could swing round to .7°east (THOR) territory. I have never seen such a strong signal on my Nokia. Bang, almost straight to the top of its signal strength display; i.e., all the reds, all the yellow, and lots of green. Visually, let me say 90/95% - and it was raining ?

Astra 28.2°east could only muster a 70% reading. Astra 19.2°east peaked at about 80%.

Detail: There is a large building in front of my house precisely at position Astra 28.2°east. However, when the dish is looking at Thor it is parallel to the street (i.e. no building obstructions).

Question: in ideal circumstances, does Astra 19.2 and 28.2 normally have the same signal 'strength' as Thor ? I know it sounds an odd question, cannot think of a better way of saying it. Imagine a proper meter: would I get the same readings for the Astra birds as I would for Thor ?

This way I would be able to establish whether that building is impairing my chances of receiving YTV's 'Calendar' News :-)

Have Fun,



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Hi Mark
It's good to see you haven't given up yet. Well judging by the footprint maps signal in Berlin Should be about 51dBW for 1W and 52dBW for Astra 2 ,but not D :-(
So I would say you would have a chance for 2D if you either move to a part of Berlin where there is a clear view to 28E or buy a big package of TNT.



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I don't think it can be the building blocking the signal Mark, it would block reception entirely if it was fully in the way. It may however be just clipping the bottom or edge of the signal.