Explanation for newbie please

Hi there

Have just subscribed to SKY with digibox and minidish. I much prefer
foreign films to Uk and US, but apart from Film4, I don't think that
is possible with current setup. I used to have SKY analogue and there
were plenty of foreign channels. I am in Middle England.

My questions are these :-

1. If I wanted to get channels from France, Spain, Netherlands,
Germany and Eastern Europe, what kind of steps do I need to take, and
roughly what will be the cost ?

2. Without subscribing to any foreign channels, how much of them will
I actually be able to view - will the expense be worthwhile ?

3. Where do you get a listing of what programs are scheduled on
foreign channels ?

Thanks in advance for any guidance - I think I will have to go see a
dealer anyway but some help from you guys would be welcome.
Related to my previous question.

If I did change from the current minidish/digibox, can I still keep my SKYTV subscription and still enjoy all the channels ?

Thanks in advance


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Moved the thread to this forum Porkah, as it is more relevant.

If you want other language channels free to air, the cheapest way is by using an analogue receiver and pointing a 60cm dish at 19.2 East, the old Sky satellite.

You can buy a cheap digital receiver FTA only for £70 or so, but you would probably need a steerable dish to find enough to interest you.

You will have to keep your Sky digibox to watch any of the encrypted Sky content.

Have a read through this forum, there are several other members asking about what equipment they need for film and football channels.