Extreme runners tackle London landmarks



Stars of a new extreme sport called free running will be shown on TV leaping between buildings and across rooftops determined to let nothing get in their way.

The exploits of a team of French free runners were filmed for a documentary to be shown on Channel 4.

The trio are shown scaling a dozen London landmarks, including the National Theatre, HMS Belfast, the Millennium Bridge, Tate Modern, Globe Theatre, the Saatchi Gallery and the Albert Hall.

They are seen somersaulting, vaulting, tumbling, taking a thrilling journey across the capital using some of its most famous buildings as their stepping stones.

The film, Jump London, by production company Optomen Television, centres on Sebastien Foucan, the co-founder of free running (also known as le parkour) and his team.

The runners were given unprecedented access to some of London's most famous sites.

Foucan came up with the idea for the sport as a child of 12 in the Paris suburb of Lisses more than 15 years ago, using the buildings of the area in much the same way.

He and a small group of friends would get together after school and set each other dares, and the new craze developed from there.

The programme will be on Channel 4 at 9pm on Sunday August 31.