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F/D Focal point on prime focus dish

dave branson

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Florence Italy
I have a 1.8 irte prime focus dish,when i calculate the focal point using
using the programme of satellites-comunications.com,it gives a focal length of 67.5 cms.
On checking the my dish the focal length is some 75 cms.
At the moment I get BBC/ITV during the day,goes off about 19-00 hrs,
in the winter it lasts a lot longer,but thats another dicussion.
I am using a Invacom quad and adjustable feed horn,which is at maximum on the lnb bracket,( set to 0,41 f/d ) leaving the focal length
at 75 cms.
so my question is ,is the focal length very important, if so,where can i get a longer feedhorn.


cerca trova...
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Gibertini 1.25m motorised dish driven by the AD3000, with either Inverto BU Quad or Norsat / XMW Ka LNBs . SMW 1.05m + 3 other dishes. Speccy: Promax HD Ranger+
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You'll need the C120/120 adaptor to match waveguide to Invacom LNB.