FA bans unnamed player for drugs


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A unnamed Football League player has been banned for six months after he twice tested positive for cocaine.

The player first returned a positive finding early in 2004 and appeared before a disciplinary hearing in August of the same year.

He was ordered to reappear in April 2005 while his case was reviewed but was caught again when drug-testers swooped between October and December.

UK Sport claim the player received his ban and a fine in December.

In a similar case, another unnamed player has been given a suspended six-month ban after twice testing positive for marijuana.

He was due to re-appear before a disciplinary commission in September 2004 after returning a positive finding but he too was target-tested and was found to have used the drug again.

The FA have given him a conditional suspension of six months, suspended for two years.

Neither the player who tested positive for cocaine nor the one who tested positive for marijuana are big names.

Both play for Football League rather than Premiership clubs and are understood to be squad players rather than first-team regulars. The FA will not comment further beyond what has appeared on the UK Sport database.

Wonder who it is???


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For sure not a Manu player as otherwise they'd name him and his family to the tabloids, given them 5 years ban, ars*f**ked them in the FA hedquarters corridor by Septic Bladder, who they specially invited just for that from his Swiss lair of corruption, .... Man they lucky.....

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