Fa Cup & Carling Cup On Al-jazerra Sports On 13e

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Is Al-jazeera sports a good package for getting the FA & Carling League Cups?

Card available on ebay £40 for 12months. ebay 190135642181 320141761397

Any other package worth considering. Any FTA? Obviously FA cup shared between S*y & BBC. Am I likely to get s*y games via Al-Jazeera?

al-jazeera is part of Art until 31/12/07, then becomes part of Showtime, but card will still work on 13east (if separate Al-Jazeera Card, NOT art card)
(Quote from ebay traders: "Al jazeera has already teamed up with showtime, they broadcast on nilesat 7 west.

Al jazeera will officially split up from art at midnight on 31/12/2007 and so all art cards with aljazeera sports on them will only show art channels, no more al jazeera sports.

This card, which is al jazeera sports only will continue to work on hotbird @ 13 dgs East. "

"The card will show al-jaz untill the end of December, after Al-Jaz will not open on ART cards. The Al-Jazeera Sports channels will still be on Hotbird after December, but you will need an Al-Jaz card to open it.
Art will show all as usually except EPL of course.")

Any thoughts / recommendations?