FAQ: Programming the Magic Module for the FIRST time

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Jan 1, 2000
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When you first put your brand new Magic Module into your receiver, their is no software on it. You can check this in the CAM menu of your receiver. In this menu it shows DREAMLOAD. When there is already software on the Magic Module, it shows the software version, like gammacrypt0.xx, Tetracrypt or Pentacrypt. If that's the case you should read the following FAQ: "Programming the Magic Module for the second time or more..."

- Receiver with Magic Module connected to the lnb !!!
- Magic Module programmer.
- Serial cable (serial port/com port settings: 115200,8,N,1,Xon/Xoff).
- Magic Module Loader program (available in Magic Download area).
- Magic Software (available in Magic Download area).

- Insert Magic Module into your receiver and check in CAM menu if it shows DREAMLOAD. Some receivers won't show Dreamload, but even then you can continue. Exit CAM menu from receiver.

- Insert programmer into the Magic Module with contacts points on top.

- Start Magic loader program. In the display of the loader program you should see NOT CONNECTED.

- Select the com port that you are using under settings.

- Press Connect . In the display of the loader program you should now see CONNECTED.

- Press Program module.... Select the Magic software file and then OK. Now the software is downloaded into the Magic Module. You should see a status bar progressing.

When the download is finished the display of the loader program shows MODULE LOADED.

- Press Disconnect.

- Remove Magic Programmer from Magic Module.

- Remove Magic Module from receiver, reinsert the Module and insert smartcard. Or you can switch off and on the receiver and insert smartcard. If you forget to put the smartcard in while removing the Magic Module or switching off/on for three times, then you can delete the sofware on the Magic module and you can start all over again. See this topic for more information: Deleting the software on the Magic Module

- Check the CAM menu of your receiver. If it shows the software version of the Magic Module instead of DREAMLOAD then your Magic Module is programmed and ready to go.

That's all, enjoy the Magic
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