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Jan 1, 2000
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Hello All

Here are my thoughts on this matter.

Now that 'most' legitimate satellite reception of Films and Sport is only available to subcribers [or card holders] of various providers: why don't the Films Companies and Sports Organizations charge the Broadcasters a rate per potential viewer rather than per country?

This would then create true competition amongst providers, with viewers in one particular country choosing which of the packages or parts of the package they wanted to receive.

The Programme Originators need not loose out, as they could choose to charge a pro-rata rate which created the same income as they currently receive.

The viewers would not loose out as they would have much more choice, and perhaps via competition better value.

The loosers would I suppose be Good Old Rupe and his mates, which is where it all falls down - because he has all the polititions by the short and curlies.

Its a good idea though don't you think.



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Jan 1, 2000
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Sharing the money around in this way would not been seen as profitable. Why do it when the broadcaster can charge on a per country basis regardless of viewing potential

As I see it the providers of the material deemed suitable for PPV or even regular subscription from satellite and cable have got their hands in the money pot at both ends

For Sky its excessive as they are both the broadcaster and the Film company, - they also have the satellite and channels , advertising within the channels that are for the subscriber, a dedicated subscriber management system, unique decoder boxes, even more unique encryption system, and basically no competitiors on the horizon.

I would also like to see a PPV system where the payment is not on a channel by channel basis, but on a viewing time basis, as it would neatly sidestep the reason for paying for simply repeats.

If a film channel is say £10 per month, the cost per film (if 2 hours long) would work out at around 0.3p, Of course I would jump at it, but Sky and others would never break even.

Its not going to happen