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Films on C More Film 09th December

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Thursday 09th December

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An Enemy of the People (1978)

13:25 An Enemy of the People / Drama / 1978 / Steve McQueen, Steve McQueen and Bibi Andersson. Directed by George Schaefer.

Based on a play by Henrik Ibsen. A small forest town is trying to promote itself as a place for tourists to come enjoy the theraputic hot springs and unspoiled nature. Dr. Stockmann, however, makes the inconvenient discovery that the nature around the village is not so unspoiled. In fact, the runoff from the local tanning mill has contaminated the water to a dangerous degree. The town fathers argue that cleaning up the mess would be far too expensive and the publicity would destroy the town's reputation, so therefore news of the pollution should be suppressed. Dr. Stockmann decides to fight to get the word out to the people, but receives as very mixed reaction.


French Connection II (1975)

15:10 French Connection II / Drama / 1975 / mixed language / Gene Hackman, Fernando Rey and Bernard Fresson. Directed by John Frankenheimer.

New York narcotics detective Popeye Doyle follows the trail of the French connection smuggling ring to France where he teams up with the gendarmes to hunt down the ringleader.


Heart Beat (1980)

17:10 Heart Beat / Drama / 1980 / Nick Nolte, Sissy Spacek and John Heard. Directed by John Byrum.


True Romance (1993)

19:00 True Romance / Thriller / 1993 / mixed language / Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette and Dennis Hopper. Directed by Tony Scott and Tony Scott.

Clarence and Alabama are newlyweds who acquire an unexpected wedding present. Unknown to the blissfully happy couple, ruthless gangsters are on their tail, determined to reclaim their lost property


Battle of the Bulge (1965)

21:00 The Battle of the Bulge / Drama / 1965 / mixed language / Henry Fonda, Robert Shaw and Robert Shaw. Directed by Ken Annakin.

In the winter of 1944, the Allied Armies stand ready to invade Germany at the coming of a New Year. To prevent this occurrence, Hitler orders an all out offensive to re-take French territory and capture the major port city of Antwerp. "The Battle of the Bulge" shows this conflict from the perspective of an American intelligence officer as well as from a German Panzer Commander.


The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca (1997)

23:25 The Disappearence of Garcia Lorca 15 y/o / Thriller / 1997 / Esai Morales, Andy Garcia and Andy Garcia. Directed by Marcos Zurinaga.

A journalist (Esai Morales) starts an investigation into the disappearance of famed poet and political agitator, Garcia Lorca (Andy Garcia), who disappeared in the early days of the Spanish Civil War in the the 1930's.

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