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Films on C More Film 15th December

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Wednesday 15th December

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Night Flier (1997)

14:00 Stephen King's the Night Flier 15 y/o / Horror / 1997 / Miguel Ferrer, Julie Entwisle and Dan Monahan. Directed by Mark Pavia.

Two investigative reporters for a tabloid magazine track down across country "The Night Flier", a serial killer who travels by private plane stalking victims in rural airports. One of the reporters, Richard Dees, begins to suspect that "the Night Flier could perhaps be a vampire".


The King of Comedy (1983)

15:35 King of Comedy / Comedy / 1983 / Robert De Niro, Jerry Lewis and Jerry Lewis. Directed by Martin Scorsese.

Rupert Pupkin is obsessed with becoming a comedy great. However, when he confronts his idol, talk show host Jerry Langford, with a plea to perform on the Jerry's show, he is only given the run-around. He does not give up, however, but persists in stalking Jerry until he gets what he wants. Eventually he must team up with his psychotic Langford-obsessed friend Masha to kidnap the talk show host in hopes of finally getting to perform his stand-up routine.


I'll Take You There (1999)

17:25 I'll Take You There 15 y/o / Comedy / 1999 / Ally Sheedy, Reg Randers and Pamela Gray. Directed by Adrienne Shelly.

A woman forces a man to move forward with his life after his wife dumps him.


Purple Hearts (1984)

19:00 Purple Hearts / Drama / 1984 / Ken Wahl, Cheryl Ladd and Stephen Lee. Directed by Sidney J. Furie.

Yes, essentially this is a wartime romance with all the tear jerky stuff you would expect. BUT and this is where things take a turn toward the interesting - this film properly portrays several elements of the US military during the Vietnam War.


If These Walls Could Talk (1996) (TV)

21:00 If These Walls Could Talk 15 y/o / Drama / 1996 / TV / Demi Moore, Shirley Knight and Shirley Knight.

A trilandy of stories set in the same house, but with different occupants and spanning over 40 years, deals with various women and moral crisis over unexpected pregnancies and their choice of abortion. In 1952, when abortion was illegal, a nurse deals with her unexpected pregnancy and takes drastic measures to get one. In 1974 a family housewife with four children discovers that she's pregnant and decides she can't handle another child to raise. In 1996, a pregnant college student decides on an abortion, but doesn't realize the means to go through to get one.


The Sea Wolves: The Last Charge of the Calcutta Light Horse (1980)

22:40 The Sea Wolves: The Last Charge of the Calcutta Light Horse / Action / 1980 / mixed language / Gregory Peck, Rander Moore and Rander Moore. Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen.

This true story follows the exploits of a top secret British military mission to destroy Nazi radio ships in a neutral harbor during WWII. The daring plan is led by British Intelligence officers Col. Lewis Pugh (Gregory Peck) and Capt. Gavin Stewart (Rander Moore). Since the ships are in neutral territory, the British Military command, while encouraging the scheme, must deny any knowledge of it if it fails. Pugh & Stewart enlist the aid of retired officer Col. Bill Grice (David Niven) & some of his former soldiers. On the pretext of being on a fishing expedition, these seemingly drunken old men in civilian clothing must board & destroy 3 Nazi ships, whose radio transmissions have resulted in Nazi submarines sinking allied ships. While Stewart arranges a diversion on shore, Pugh & Grice carry out the dangerous raid on and destruction of the Nazi ships.

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