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Films on C More Film 15th November

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Monday 15th November

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Hoop Dreams

16:00 Hoop Dreams / Film / 1994 / William Gates, Arthur Agee and Emma Gates. Directed by Steve James.

His documentary follows two inner-city Chicago residents, Arthur Agee and William Gates, as they follow their dreams of becoming basketball superstars. Beginning at the start of their high school years, and ending almost 5 years later, as they start college, we watch the boys mature into men, still retaining their "Hoop Dreams". Both are recruited into the same elite high school as their idol, former Detroit Piston superstar Isaiah Thomas. Only one survives the first year; the other must return to a high school closer to his home. Along the way, there is much tradegy, some joy, a great wealth of information about inner city life, and the suspense of not knowing what will occur next. This is not a "by-the-numbers" film.


Caduta degli dei, La

18:55 La Caduta degli dei 15 y/o / Drama / 1969 / mixed language / Dirk Bandarde, Ingrid Thulin and Helmut Griem. Directed by Luchino Visconti.

The power and fortune of the Von Essenbeck family remained intact even when Germany lost the great war and during the depression that followed. Now it's 1934 and the baron has summoned his family to a dinner that also brings a cousin rising in the Nazi party to the great house accompanied by a rising manager at the baron's company. Two little girls recite poetry in the parlor and then play hide-and-seek with their cousin Martin. Suddenly there is a scream. The baron has been shot with their father's gun and the father flees the country.


Harry and Son (1984)

21:00 The Drowning Pool / Drama / 1984 / Paul Newman, Paul Newman and Robby Benson. Directed by Paul Newman and Paul Newman.

Harry works the wrecking ball on a demolition site. He is a gruff, inarticulate fifty-something who likes his job. Howie is maybe 20, a dreamy young man who wants to be a writer. He has no real work, dividing his time between the car wash where he has a part-time job, his surf board and the family's hot tub, in which he does most of his writing.


Enemies: A Love Story

22:50 Enemies: A Love Story / Drama / 1989 / Ron Silver, Ron Silver and Anjelica Huston. Directed by Paul Mazursky.

Set in 1949 New York, a Holocaust survivor (Ron Silver) who makes a living as a ghostwriter for a Jewish rabbi, finds himself involved with three women - his current wife (Margaret Sophie Stein), a passionate affair with a married woman (Lena Olin), and his long-vanished wife (Anjelica Huston) whom he thought was killed during the war and suddenly reappears. The film concentrates on the views of the Jewish survivors, who no longer abide by religious morales and question a God who could let the Holocaust occur.

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