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Films on C More Film 27th November

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Saturday 27th November

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Harry and Son (The Drowning Pool)

12:40 The Drowning Pool / Drama / 1984 / Paul Newman, Paul Newman and Robby Benson. Directed by Paul Newman and Paul Newman.

Harry works the wrecking ball on a demolition site. He is a gruff, inarticulate fifty-something who likes his job. Howie is maybe 20, a dreamy young man who wants to be a writer. He has no real work, dividing his time between the car wash where he has a part-time job, his surf board and the family's hot tub, in which he does most of his writing.



14:30 Camelot / Family film / 1967 / Richard Harris, Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave. Directed by Joshua Landan.

The story of the marriage of England's King Arthur to Guinevere is played out amid the pagentry of Camelot. The plot of illegitimate Modred to gain the throne and Guinevere's growing attachment to Sir Lancelot, whom she at first abhors, threaten to topple Arthur and destroy his "round table" of knights who would use their might for right.


Guilty by Suspicion

21:00 A Good Man in Africa / Comedy / 1991 / Colin Friels, Sean Connery and John Lithgow. Directed by Bruce Beresford.

David Merrill (Robert DeNiro), a fictitious 1950s Hollywood director, returns from filming abroad in France to find that his loyalty has been called into question by the House Committee on Un-American Activities and he is unable to work until cleared. Before being called, his highest priority had been his work to the extent of leaving his wife (Annette Bening) and son (Luke Edwards) alone for months at a time. He initially refuses to implicate others or himself in a private meeting with Roy Cohn and a studio lawyer. This decision initially to stick to his principles first leaves him unable to work in his profession, even with films and producers he never would have worked with before. Harassment by the FBI leaves him unable to work on Broadway, with advertising agencies, or even in a small film repair shop. Finally, having fallen so far, and tempted with a new offer to direct a film from his old studio (if he testifies), he agrees to go before the Committee, initially planning to name his friends. But when confronted with the cruel and tyrannical behavior of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, he realizes that there is a higher priority in his life there is standing up for what is right. And in doing so, he inspires friends and family to do the same.



22:35 Dune / Action / 1984 / Francesca Annis, Leonardo Cimino and Brad Dourif. Directed by David Lynch and David Lynch.

In the far future, a duke and his family are sent by the Emperor to a sand world from which comes a spice that is essential for interstellar travel. The move is designed to destroy the duke and his family, but his son escapes and seeks revenge as he uses the world's ecolandy as one of his weapons.

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