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Films on Canal+ Film 1 & 2 / 07th January

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Friday 07th January


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Canal+ Film1

The Actors (2003)

12:00 The Actors 15 y/o Comedy / 2003 / Starring: Michael Caine, Michael Caine and Dylan Moran. Directed by: Conor McPherson.


The Truth About Charlie (2002)

16:20 The Truth About Charlie 11 y/o / Thriller / 2002 / Starring: Olga Sékulic, Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Dillane. Directed by: Jonathan Demme.

A young woman (Thandie Newton) in Paris is about to divorce her husband when she discovers... he's dead; and all their money is gone. She meets a mysterious man (Mark Wahlberg), who tells her that the money was really his, and he wants it back, seemingly convinced that she's hiding the cash. Meanwhile, more people end up dead...


Possession (2002)

19:00 Possession 11 y/o / Drama / 2002 / Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow, Aaron Eckhart and Jeremy Northam. Directed by: Neil LaBute.


2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

21:00 2 Fast 2 Furious 11 y/o / Thriller / 2003 / mixed language / Starring: Paul Walker, Tyrese and Eva Mendes. Directed by: John Singleton and John Singleton.

Paul Walker returns as former cop Brian O'Conner who teams up with his ex-con pal Roman Pearce (Tyrese) to transport a shipment of 'dirty' money for shady Miami-based import-export dealer Carter Verone (Hauser), while actually working with undercover agent Monica Clemente (Mendes) to bring Verone down.


The Bourne Identity (2002)

23:00 The Bourne Identity 11 y/o / Thriller / 2002 / multi language / Starring: Matt Damon, Franka Potente and Chris Cooper. Directed by: Doug Liman.

Based very loosely on Robert Ludlum's novel, the Bourne Identity is the story of a man whose wounded body is discovered by fisherman who nurse him back to health. He can remember nothing and begins to try to rebuild his memory based on clues such as the Swiss bank account, the number of which, is implanted in his hip. He soon realizes that he is being hunted and takes off with Marie on a search to find out who he is and why he is being hunted.


The Rage In Placid Lake (2003)

00:55 The Rage in Placid Lake / Comedy / 2003 / Starring: Ben Lee, Rose Byrne and Miranda Richardson. Directed by: Tony McNamara and Tony McNamara.

Precocious, bohemian teenager Placid Lake, finishes high school and decides to do the one thing that will annoy his new age parents the most--go straight! With a few weeks spent reading a library of self-help manuals, Placid has it all sorted out--and he has the haircut and the cheap suit to prove it. Can Placid Lake retire his rage in the pursuit of beige; embrace conformity and leap on the fast track to corporate success. Will his 'brainiac' friend Gemma be able to talk him out of this economic rationalist madness? And will poor Doug and Sylvia survive the ignominy of having a son with a burgeoning future in insurance? Never underestimate the evil of banality.


How to Deal (2003)

02:25 How to Deal 11 y/o / Comedy / 2003 / Starring: Mandy Moore, Allison Janney and Trent Ford. Directed by: Clare Kilner.

Halley is a young high school student who is disillusioned with love after seeing the many dysfunctional relationships around her. Her parents are now divorced and her father has a new young girlfriend she doesn't care for too much. Her mother is now always alone; and her sister is so overwhelmed by her upcoming wedding that she barely exists the house anymore. On top of that, the shallowness of all the girls and guys at her school convinces Halley that finding true love is impossible. A tragic accident, however, leads her to meeting Macon, and suddenly Halley finds that true love can occur under unusual circumstances.


Canal+ Film2

My House in Umbria (2003) (TV)

15:05 My House in Umbria / Drama / 2003 / TV/ mixed language / Starring: Maggie Smith, Ronnie Barker and Chris Cooper. Directed by: Richard Loncraine.

After a bomb destroys a railway carriage, the four survivors repair to the villa of one, Mrs. Delahunty, a writer of romance novels, a woman with a past. The others are an aging British general, a young German man, and Aimee, an American girl orphaned in the blast. As these four strangers recover in Umbria's countryside and become friends, Aimee's uncle, a cold and childless academic who studies red carpenter ants, arrives to fetch her. Mrs. Delahunty fears this may not be in Aimee's best interests, begins to drink heavily, and fails in her attempts to connect with Aimee's uncle. Meanwhile, a persistent detective investigates the blast.


A Man Apart (2003)

16:50 A Man Apart 15 y/o / Thriller / 2003 / mixed language / Starring: Alice Amter, Jim Boeke and Atiana Coons-Parker. Directed by: F. Gary Gray.

Sean Vetter and Demetrius Hicks are members of the DEA who are fighting an ongoing drug war on the California/Mexico border, they are most successful at it because of their edge of growing up on the street and being thugs converted to cops. The DEA busts one of the major players by the name of "Memo" Lucero and imprison him in the United States but then a major player named Diablo then takes over the business and now he is now the major player targeted by Vetter and his team. But when Vetter's wife is killed in a botched hit organized by Diablo, he seeks revenge against those responsible and in the process has to seek help from the imprisoned Lucero in order to catch Diablo. But in the process, Vetter and Hicks have to fight their way up the chain to get to Diablo but it's easier said than done when all Vetter can focus on is revenge...


The One and Only (2002)

20:00 The One and Only / Comedy / 2002 / Starring: Justine Waddell, Richard Roxburgh and Jonathan Cake. Directed by: Simon Cellan Jones.

When Stevie meets Neil on the day he comes to deliver her brand new kitchen, it's already too late for love at first sight. Too late for both of them. Stevie is already five minutes pregnant by her Spanish footballer husband. And too late for Neil too - his wife Jenny has already applied to adopt an African girl. But too late or otherwise, love at first sight is exactly what happens. How can Neil and Stevie get out of their mistaken marriages and into each others arms?


Only the Strong Survive (2002)

22:00 Only the Strong Survive 11 y/o / Film / 2002 / Starring: William Bell, William Bell and Jerry Butler. Directed by: Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker.

Stax Records launched the careers of Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Carla & Rufus Thomas, and Booker T. & The MGs back in the 1960s and 70s. But then disco hit big and all but wiped soul music off the map. This documentary harkens back to the golden era of soul and catches up with the carriers of the Stax dynasty, including Wilson Pickett, Sam Moore, Mary Wilson, Isaac Hayes, and The Chi Lites.


The Core (2003)

23:40 The Core 11 y/o / Thriller / 2003 / Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Christopher Shyer and Ray Galletti. Directed by: Jon Amiel.

Scientists discover that the Earth's core is about to stop spinning. This will cause tremendous natural disasters, wiping out life as we know it. A team of scientists is recruited in a crash project to send a ship and bomb into the center of the Earth to prevent the catastrophe.

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