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Films on TV Cabo 05/12 November


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November 5 to November 12

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Escolha 1

The Missing (Desaparecidas) (NEW)

The Oscar-winning team of Ron Howard and Brian Grazer present a riveting, spine-tingling thriller destined to become a classic. Cate Blanchett is Maggie, a young plainswoman raising her daughters in the desolate wilderness of New Mexico. When daughter Lily (Evan Rachel Wood) is snatched by a dark-hooded phantom with shape-shifting powers, Maggie's long-estranged father (Tommy Lee Jones) appears, suddenly offering help. Though stunned by his return, Maggie knows she must swallow both hurt and pride if she is ever to see Lily again. Unaware of the frightening events that lurk in the distance, father and daughter set out to track down the fiend that took Lily. But lying in wait is horror so unspeakable it will change them forever.


Escolha 2

Fear X (NEW)

Starring John Turturro, Deborah Unger, Stephen McIntyre, William Allen Young, Gene Davis, Mark Houghton, Jacqueline Ramel, James Remar.

This psychological thriller follows one ordinary man's obsession with finding his wife's killer. Harry Caine (John Turturro) is a security guard of a shopping mall, and when his wife is murdered in the mall's car park, he begins to obsessively study the CCTV footage of the area in the hope that it might reveal the answer, the face of the killer.


Escolha 3

Ring Of Darkness (O Anel Das Trevas)

Starring Adrienne Barbeau, Colin Bain, Coltin Scott, Jeremy Jackson and Ryan Starr.

The lead singer of a boy band, goes missing in mysterious circumstances. It creates an opening for Shawn who hopes to replace him. Slowly Shawn becomes aware that the other members aren't quite as they first seem. Could it really be true that they are undead, having sacrificed their souls for the gift of eternal life?


Dot The I (Argumento Mortal)

Starring Gael García Bernal, Natalia Verbeke, James D'Arcy, Tom Hardy and Charlie Cox. Dot The I centers on a woman, Carmen, who on the eve of her wedding kisses another man. Torn between the safety of her fiancee and the excitement of a new love, she learns that things are not quite what they seem to be.


Escolha 4

Michel Vaillant
France. Starring Sagamore Stévenin, Jean-Pierre Cassel and Béatrice Agenin.

Michel Vaillant is the screen adaptation of the popular French comic book about a race car driver. Vaillant is the undisputed racing champion and him and his team attract about as much admiration as jealousy from their competitors.


Cosa De Brujas (Coisas De Bruxas)

Spain. Starring José Sancho, Manuela Arcuri, Antonio Hortelano, Alberto San Juan, Manuel Manquina.

On a summer night in 1980, Aristegiu's car is blown to smithereens at the hands of his buddy, Miguel. At Aristegui's funeral, two very strange looking old women come to pay their respects along with an even stranger young girl. When they let Miguel know that everything he ever wished for would come to pass from that day on, he becomes extremely content. Soon, however, at the hands of a black cat with a moon over its head, he will learn that his new found happiness may come with a huge price tag attached.

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