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hi guys me again i have orderd my dish ect waiting for it to come theres one question how do i find the satilites will i need i sat meter or will i lose my bit of hair i have got left all the help would be great can i just say what a great site this is and some brill people thanks


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Satellite bleeper is very useful tool as is an old portable TV so you can watch the signal test screen whilst moving the dish. Takes a while to get the hang of it but i can find most satellites without the meter now.
Move the dish very slowly and be patient and you will be ok.

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You should be able to get these sats with a 90cm dish (as long as there's no buildings/hills/trees in the way:
62 E Intelsat 902
60 E Intelsat 904
57 E NSS703
45 E Intelsat 12
42 E Turksat
40 E Express AM1
39 E Hellas
36 E Eutelsat Sesat W4
33 E Intelsat 802, Eurobird 3
28.5 E Eurobird 1
28.2 E Astra 2A, 2B, 2D
23.5 E Astra 1D, 3A
21.5 E Eutelsat W6
19.2 E Astra 1C, 1E..H, 2C, 1KR
16 E Eutelsat W2
13 E Hotbird 1, 2, 3, 6, 7A
10 E Eutelsat W1
7 E Eutelsat W3A
5 E Sirius 2, 3
1 W Intelsat 10.02
5 W Atlantic Bird 3
8 W Telecom 2D
12.5 W Atlantic Bird 1
15 W Telstar 12
18 W Intelsat 901
22 W NSS7
27.5 W Intalsat 907
30 W Hispasat 1B, 1C, 1D
34.5 W Intelsat 903
43 W Panamsat
45 W Intelsat 1R
53 W Intelsat 707
58 W Intelsat 9
Start with the 'biggies' (5W, 28.2E,30W) then fill in the gaps.