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Hi all, i have just put my 80cm dish up on the wall facing south, i know this because i did it with a compass, yes i know it will be magnetic south and not due south but i dont know how to work the difference out yet, any way with it pointing magnetic south i was unable to get any signal
i am based in birmingham westmidlands united kingdom

i have a force reciever
80cm dish
a sharp lnb
and a cryptik digital h-h mount v bracket

i set my Latitude on my motor at 52.5 the motor is set to 0 and there is another setting i can adjust on the actual dish angle i set this to 37.5 not sure abot this setting though please can some one correct me if this is incorrect

i tried recieving chans from thor 1.0 w but had no success, i even got some one to look at the tv and move it a little here and there but nothing

please can you help me this is my first time to installing a sat system
thanks my email is


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Digtal signals take a bit of time to lock on so moving it too soon will not work.

A cheap signal meter will help a lot.

You've probably hear this before but here goes. At midday the sun should be close to South so that will give you a start. Try and get your dish to receive any signal near South. Try searching for a free-to-air channel on Thor.

Many sites on the Internet will give you your settings try here..


You can get you Latitude and Longitude settings here...


Hope this points you in the right direction (sorry about that!)
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Please note in the UK the sun is approx due south at 1200GMT which is 1pm BST until the clocks are changed later this month.

For each degree longitude east of zero the sun is due south 4 minutes earlier and for each degree west of zero the sun is 4 minutes later. Hence at 3west the sun is due south at 12.12 GMT/13.12 BST