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I am in the process of replacing an old C band LNB with a C120 flange LNB in an attempt to take in Astra 2 D. I've located the signal but to improve signal strength and quality I need to place the feedhorn further away from the dish. At the moment this is impossible as I have run out of thread at the end of the three support arms. ( please see attached picture ) How easy would it be to put in a new longer thread in each of the support arms or even weld on some kind of extension ?


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If you are certain there is nothing extra to be gained from the back of the dish then, use for a thread extension use three x 6mm thread protruding from the (Irte) feed horn and strap them to the last nut on the existing feeds. Use wire all the way down the remaining thread for a decent join. It should be no more than 15mm maximum

A C band dish may not be cast as well as a dedicated Ku reflector, so be careful giving guaratee on what you can receive signal wise. ;)

Done it once on a Precision dish , worked perfectly