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Hello,Could anyone tell me the size of dish i would need to receive Intel 801 31,5w.I`ve seen Channels for ITV and wondered if they were FTA.I live in Germany and I`m a bit of a Corrie Fan.
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Jan 1, 1999
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First, the ITV channels you mention are only occasional feeds. There are NO ITV mainstream broadcasts by satellite.

If you are still interested though, check out the dish-size discussions that have already taken place in various threads on this board ... our search-function is a handy tool... ;)

As mentioned there, to determine the dish-size needed for a particular channel it is not only sufficient to know which satellite it broadscasts from, but which beam carries the signals Most satellites operate several beams of varying strengths and covering different parts of the Earth's surface. Intelsat801 has 4 beams.
* a C-band "Eastern Hemisphere" beam centred on Africa, with a strength of about 35 dbW in Germany
* a C-band "global" beam, centred on the Carribean, with about 30 dbW in Germany
* a Ku-band "West Indies" beam which is not receivable in Germany
* a Ku-band "Europe" beam, 49dbW in Germany.

If you are interested in the latter only (eg if you do not have C-band reception equipment at all) then the dish size needed in Germany would be about 70cm diameter

Here are a couple of handy links for relating signal strength to dishsize:

You will see that they don't give exactly the same results. This is more an art than a science! Many facets of your total receiving equipment will affect whether you can receive a signal.


Mr dvd

Thanks for the info.Suppose i will have to wait another year till Itv joins sky.