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One thing that really p*ss*s me off with the Premiership is the two tier refereeing system that we seem to have in this country, one law for the top few clubs and another law for the poorer clubs.
Blunder ref Mark Halsey would seem to fall into this category after his display for Arsenal against Fulham last weekend. Now before anyone says it yes I support Fulham but I have no complaint about the result as Arsenal deserved to win but what if Halsey had seen that Andy Cole and not Ashley Cole had got the final touch to the ball and had then given the penalty (and believe me as a Fulham fan there is no grantee that we would have scored), he would have then had no choice but to send Ashley Cole off.
Now what if just before half-time he had allowed Collins John's header (which he should have done) we could have been 2-0 up against ten men which is a slightly different ball game.
But no Mr Halsey has different idea's and so Arsenal's long unbeaten run continues (good luck to them). It is just like trying to get a penalty at Old Trafford, or Anfield. Try asking Bolton they never got a single penalty awarded all last season.
In Spain they call it the Real Madrid affect because the ref's "look" after them, and it happens here as well. After all would you what Fergie or Arsene Wenger bitching on the back page the next day, better to have Chris Coleman getting a few lines somewhere inside where no one can see it.
And talking of the rich if someone had nicked the Queen's Sky dish from outside Buck house you can bet your life the police would have been out in force, but when mine was pinched all I got was a phone call (at least not reverse charges) asking if I could go around all my neighbours asking if they had seen anything, always thought that was the Police's job.
Would they have asked Liz to, nip out love and see if the neighbours have seen anything.

So come on ref's let's get it together and look on it as a game between two team's, not them and us.
That's it I've had my bitch. 'O'-red