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forced update with no telephone line

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Pace 2500S, Quad LNB, 40cm Sky Minidish, Technomate TM-1000D Super.
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London UK
hi there ppl, i am a new here and need to get some info about forcing sky digiboxes to update, i got no phone line in my house at the moment but i want to know if i can do a forced update to my box to get the new software?

any helps thnks


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My Satellite Setup
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If you leave the box connected, it should update on its own, but to force an update, unplug from the mains, press the backup button on the receiver and keep pressed whilst you plug the receiver back in, keep the backup button pressed until all of the lights flash, the download should then start.

The receiver must be connected to the dish for the entire period.

If you are doing this to receive the latest EPG upgrade, it will get to your receiver eventually, they send it in phases.