Fortec Star 5100 Ultra Help Sought By Newbie Please

My Satellite Setup
46" hi def telly
My Location
please could anyone help?
am totaly new to satellite am looking to get my first system having browsed this great forum :cool: am thinking of gettin fortec star 5100 ultra due to its ability to be patched and freeview capabilities however have seen many recomendations for technomate 1500ci+ which seems to work better with dragon cam (seems to be the best)
whats the score regarding avalibility of patches, sound/picture quality, ease of updating etc
i want to watch mainly football (english), movies and music videos (english). i only have a laptop but a frendly neighbour has pc and access to internet also am i best goin for a multiple lnb system or a motorised my budget is £250-£300 max also i have a hi-def telly am i better waiting till i can afford a hi-def reciever or is there not enough content to make it worth while yet? thanks in advance and sorry if any Questions sound daft or repetative :-doh!