Fortec Ultra -"Please Input Data"?


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I have what sounds like a basic question but I looked around the website and I could not find the info Iam looking for.

I have a brand new Ultra and last night I managed to install everything except the nagra channels.I did a power scan and the results included the nagra channels I was looking for. Howver when I try to view them the message 'downloading' appears and after an apparent download it shows the message "Please Input Data'.

Anyone with an idea on what data needs to be input where.Normally with a D-box there is a section under 'menu' where one can input the latest nagra keys to view these channels.The Ultra however has got a section under "Channel edit' called 'codes' and there is no explanation for the latter on the menu.When tried to access it gives a password prompt .I tried the default 0000 as well as 1004;2002;2004 and 2228 without success.

Anyone knows what I am talking about out there?


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I get that message sometimes. Ignore it.

Don't know the exact version of the box you have (Lifetime? FSCI5100?) but 1668 will get you into the code menu.

No real need to change codes with the latest patch though. It'll open the compromised channels on Hispasat.