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I am having a Fortec Star Receiver model FSIRCI-5400 , this receiver had software version 3.8.7 installed on it when I purchased it , and I have a subscription to ADD Pay channels who provided me with an Irdeto access card , since last few days the channels stopped working and it status would show that signals are scrambled even though the receiver had a valid card in the embedded Irdeto slot . I took the receiver to the authorized dealer (SATCO) of fortec star who told me that the channel service provider have changed their codes and hence it cannot descramble the signals , he changed the software to V3.21AL7BAR and then the receiver worked for 3 days after which I am getting not getting the Pay cahnnels again , I would like to ask you the following questions -
Which is the latest software version for this receiver
The channel provider asked me to keep the receiver in standby mode in the night and not switch off the power as I am doing now , so that if the codes are changed the receiver will accept the changes , is this true ?
Could you send me the latest software ( as attachment by email ) and the procedure so that I can change the software my self .

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Mahesh Nagrani


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I have the same receiver with version 3.8.6 and have been using it for Firstnet package since 2002 without any need for any software upgrade. Pardon me for asking-are you sure you have subscribed from an authorized dealer? When the card is being upgarded it usually displays a code several times in the evening and you have to press ok. Also there is a facility on the website for reactivating the card which always happen to me when I go for a vacation. Again this can only be done if you are an authorized subscriber as you will not be able to log in if you are not.


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