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Hello buddies...

I am living in Rawalpindi PAkistan. I am facing a problem since many months with my fortechstar digital satellite receiver. The problem is that ... The names of the channels appears in the channel menu change into different shapes and digits after few days some time they they turn into XXXXXXXX kinda shape and when i click on this shape the receiver gets restart and first channel appears ... tunings of the channels change automatically some time LNB settings change from Universal to Single .... these kinda problem i m facing .. below is the model of my fortecstar receiver .. I hope u reply my email as soon as possible and guid eme what to do ...? and can u suggest me which CAM I gonna use in my receiver ...? Is MULTI CAM works in it or not?

FortecStar FSCI 9800: DVB-S, 2x Common Interface

thanks and regards