Free channels?



Hi have got an astra digital satellite. got it for chinese channel but has like 700 channels. mainly european but with a few english channels.

any idea on how to get "free" channels if poss? i have a elvis prog.

the following specs on sat.

Sat. is astra
freq =11778
lnb lo freq = 10600
polarisation = vertical
22khz = yes

software version = PH1.0Chin-Eng
Manufacturer = Philips EGP Butt

do i need any special files like I*V digital hexes? gold or silver cards.

also this box has space 4 2 smartcards.



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A lot of the information you give would look to be regarding the default transponder on what is probably Astra 28.2.

If your receiver is a Philips then you should be able to get the free to air channels on that satellite, for anything more you will require a Sky digibox. If you are getting some 700 foreign language channels then you are probably on Astra 19.2 and or Hotbird, there are only a few English language encrypted channels on those two satellites.

You don't give enough information on the receiver to determine exactly what it is capable of and whether there are any files available to increase your viewing repertoire.