*Free Wi-Fi at Coffee Republic

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Jun 26, 2007
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TechRadar is sick and tired of being stuck without Wi-Fi access in a foreign town and being forced to pay over the odds for an hours access in one of the many multi-national coffee chains.
Luckily, we will no longer have to pay over the odds in Coffee Republics, with the company announcing today that it is to become the first UK coffee chain to roll out free Internet access for its customers, with Commsport delivering this superb service.
May day freedom
Coffee Republic’s press release informs us that the company will roll out its free Wi-Fi from 1 May 2008 across “the majority of its UK coffee bar estate” providing customers “with added-value to the service they receive in the Bars; from business professionals looking for a comfortable 'mobile office', to students looking for a leisurely place to download music or work on a project.”
Steven Bartlett, Chief Executive Officer, Coffee Republic said: "The launch of free Wi-Fi in Coffee Republic Bars will be a huge benefit and attraction to our customers. People are increasingly looking for ways to access the Internet on the move, they want to lead a flexible and modern lifestyle and we need to help them do that with the service we provide. This new service in our Bars will give them a new evolution in technology in a warm, comfortable environment."
Others to follow suit?
Great news. No more shelling out a fiver an hour for costly 'hotspots'.
Let’s hope Starbucks and Costa Coffee take note and follow suit. TechRadar has contacted both companies today to find out if they plan to respond to this news with their own free Wi-Fi access. Stay tuned for more.