FREECAM on Manhattan 5500 CI/P/I

My Location
Dude County (near york)
Need some help guys, I have had the laptop stollen.. it had my only version
of the FREECAM firmware on it (win95) question is has anyone got a version of software that will...

a) Run on XP
:cool: Work on Manhattan DSR5500 with embeded patched IRDET* (FREECAM)

I could do several things like dual boot (win95) the new laptop.. but I'm loathed to do it..I dont wanna spend any $$ on another CAM.

Anyone have any idea how I can get around this, the CAM is currently shagged for some reason, and basically will not read the card, comes up with the Usual NVRAM fault..

I'm struggling guys, any help would be most appreciated