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Sep 28, 2005
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From al of us to all of You: Have a great time - and many more to come.

Birth Date:13th JuneColour:Amber , Silvery BlueNumber:4 , 13 , 31Stone:Amber – the rescuer stone that will eat any negative vibesFlower:poppyPet:ponyCareer:Weather Person , Scientist , ResearcherKey Features:Eccentric, Genius, Active MindNaturally good at:Exploring the unknownCharacter:Wacky and weird to some, you are ahead of your time. You are frustrated with the mundane and normal and live life to your own rules and morals. Some think the phrase mad, bad and dangerous to know, fits you but they are just conservative and you only like unusual and interesting people anyway.Life Path:You have your own code of honour and a unique and special way of viewing the world. You may have a fascination with the occult or UFO’s either way you feel that there are secrets in life to be unearthed and you are the one to expose them. Sometimes you keep your wackiness to yourself but as you get older you meet others on your wavelength.Love:You are very easily bored in relationships and hate to be caught up in a suburban lifestyle. If you do fine yourself in too secure a relationship you are capable of bolting out of the blue so need to find someone unusual to capture you. Try a free spirited Aquarius also rules by Uranus your birth number rulerBest Present:Telescope , Digital Camera