Friends Reunited goes free

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Jun 26, 2007
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ITV has given its Friends Reunited website a spring makeover and has also dropped the subscription fees to the UK’s first hugely popular social networking site.
So it’s time, yet again, to catch up with long-forgotten friends and pester your exes online to try to guage if they are happier, richer and/or more successful than you.
Badger your exes
Whether Friends Reunited can compete with the likes of Facebook, MySpace and Bebo in today’s busy online social networking market remains to be seen.
The new-look Friends Reunited features a Facebook-inspired news feed-like so you and your friends can continue to pretend online to have amazing, fun-packed, adventurous *lives all of the time.
Post and share
You can also post and share photos, videos and other content with your old pals and create your own biography (‘timeline’) online, should you have the time on your hands to do so.
Friends Reunited, has over 19 million registered users, so it will be interesting to see how many of those are attracted back to the site after they hear the news of the fees being dropped.