from start to finish ss2/progdvb/motor/diseqc

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This guide is an attempt to walk you through the pitfalls of setting up your dish, motor, progdvb, and ss2diseqc.

It is imperative that you follow certain steps in a correct manner in order to reach your goal


Satellites where are they?

Satellites move around the earth in a geostationary orbit (don’t worry I’ll not try to baffle you with science)
To be geostationary it must reach 3 criteria (fig1)
(a) the orbit must be geosynchronous
(:cool: the orbit must be a circle
(c) the orbit must lie in the earths equatorial plane

For this reason when we look at a satellite from earth it will always be in the same location in the sky, no matter what time of day or night it is. The reason I’m telling you this is to make you realise how precise your final setup has to be.

Now let’s begin.
I am assuming you already have your ss2 card in your computer.
First of all lets download and organise software you’ll need for the
(a) create sub folder in you’re my documents folder let’s call it sat tv
(:cool: Go into that folder and create more folders we’ll call each one of these receiver software, ssdiseqc,driver4211. And finally old driver.
(c) Now open ssdiseqc folder and create 2 folders, call one dis17 and the other dis18
(d) Now go online and download the following
1 Download and save progDVB 4.56.2 from put it in your receiver software folder.
2 Enter and click on MOTOR DiSEqc, scroll down that page and download and save SSDISEqc17 (skynet.sys v 4.2.11) put it in your dis17folder, then download and save SSDISEqc18(skynet.sys v 4.3.0) and put it in your dis18 folder.
3 Now go on and look for technisat driver v4.2.11 download and save in your driver4211 folder.
4 And lastly determine your earth global position (latitude and longitude) I used autoroute to find mine which at the time of writing this was latitude 53.6 longitude -2.5 (these are mine, make a note of yours to find them), go to and click on azimuth and elevation pointing calculator see (fig2). Enter yours to find your polar mount dish offset deg from now on lets call it Y (less confusing) ringed in red


1 Determine the location of your dish, ensuring it can be pointing at satellites without any obstacles in its view (i.e. trees, buildings, etc) remember the dish will be pointing at the southern sky

2 My satellite dish is wall mounted, it is absolutely essential that the pole the motor mounts on is truly vertical from all directions, if it isn’t you will never end up with the desired result of watching sat TV from all over DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER IN YOUR PHYSICAL SETUP UNTIL IT IS.
Once completely satisfied, determine south and put a vertical pencil line down the pole

3 Now set motor bracket up using the installation guide you should have been provided with. Remember your latitude and longitude co-ordinates, well according to the latitude of your location, you can set the elevation angle of the motor (fig3) latitude showing ringed in red

4 Mount the motor onto pole bracket (a good tip is to put either a jubilee clip or clamp beneath bracket so it won’t drop down as you turn it when locating that first satellite) (fig4) make sure motor is set to 0deg and aiming as close as you believe to be south.

5 Mount the dish onto the motor. The centreline on the tube of the motor can help you to centralise the dish on the pole, this is essential if you are to follow the Clarke belt. Once you’re happy tighten bolts around tube.

6 Now look at (fig5) (this is my angle (X) remember you will need to determine yours) from this is the angle your now going to set up, I found the best way to do this was with a small spirit level protractor and bevel gauge set up as shown in fig. Don’t worry if your not within a micro deg of getting it right (I was and ended up getting confused) as long as your in the ballpark you’ve got a decent chance of finding that signal because you will be fine tuning later. Do not over tighten bolts for this reason also.

7 Now take a good look at your setup and compare it to (fig6) . this is my dish pointing south. Question yourself do the angles look familiar if you think the answers yes, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re ready for the next stage.

8 Do not connect cables to motor yet (your cable should run from computer to lnb.)

Now go back inside to your computer

All the downloads I have told you to do have been for a reason which is as follows:
A lot of the software you will be using is in continual development and because of this all of the latest version of each package does not all marry up with your setup so with this in mind it is far easier to go with tried and tested way’s initially so that get getup and running as quick as possible without bogging yourself down trying to cure problems that cannot be cured yet. Once you’ve got pictures at least you can watch the telly while you ponder answers instead of looking at a blank screen and wondering why.
1 The first thing to do now is alter the ss2pc card driver to driver version 4.2.11 (this driver remember is located in the driver4211 folder you created) turn comp off and one again to enable software is activated (go in windows>system32>drivers and locate skynet.sys to check that it’s version

2 Go into receiver software folder you created and unzip progDVB 4.56.2 and install it (this is straight forward so I don’t need to explain how its done) once your happy. Start the program and on the top tool bar click on settings, then diseqc, then on the green dot, then property, scroll down the list click on intelsat 707,thor2,3, press ok and you should have (fig7) press ok again.

3 No on the top tool bar click channel list, then press scan trans ponder (you are going to be looking for 1132500-H-24500 you should be looking at (fig8)

4 You really need to “see” the screen while your up the ladder doing some fine tuning (there are way’s you don’t but we won’t go into them). I found the best method was asking the wife to watch the screen holding the home phone while I was up the ladder with my mobile phone (using the ear piece). Which ever way you use you need to be up the ladder with your spanner.

5 Now slowly (and I mean slowly scan around your area until you have a signal (you will need to do adjustments left and right, up and down until you are successful. Hopefully your wife/partner will give you a running commentary on the quality and level of your signal until you’ve got the optimum (a good idea is to start back and forth at one angle(X) if unsuccessful, do slight adjustment to (X) and do another slow sweep. Once you have signal. Lock the motor to the pole wall bracket, then slight adjustments in angle (X) may give you a better reception. Once happy lock dish bracket onto motor try to twist lnb slightly for an even better quality signal.

6 Now your thrilled in having a signal go back to your computer and click on channel settings again, then click on intelsat707 thor2,3 (hopefully your should be looking like (fig9)) to see which channels you have, again hopefully the provider will be telenor and screen will look something like (fig10)


ProgDVB at this time does not support moving the dish, so we have to input software to allow to do this from instructions via our computer (remember I said some version of software don’t marry up well to solve this we have to carefully select attributes of different version so that a good wedding can take place.

1 Move skynet.sys out of windows>system32>drivers and put it into old driver folder (folder that you created)
2 Go into dis17 (folder you created) and unzip ssdiseqc17 into that folder there you will see folder 4.2.11 open this and copy this skynet.sys (make sure it’s v and paste it into windows>system32>drivers folder. Now restart computer.
3 Again go into dis17 and copy satellites folder and paste it into the root directory of progDVB
4 Go into dis18 (folder that you created) unzip ssdiseqc18 go into that folder then copy and paste SS2DiSEQC.exe and SS2DiSEQC.dll into the root directory of progDVB
5 Go out side and connect your cables to motor as shown in your installation manual (check that the green light is on the underside of the motor where the cables are.
6 Now back at your computer start progDVB and a box will come up saying Satellite: intelsat707,thor2,3 missing command please configure.
7 On the top toolbar click on plugins > ss2diseqc>configure. In this box look down the bottom right and click configuration you should be looking at fig (11) (remember these are my co-ordinates) you will input your own. Press apply, then close the box.
8 You should now be looking at fig (12). Press Auto Goto x-x, then press Max signal
9 The program will ask you if you want to find its strongest transponder, click yes. When it has finished it will then ask if you want to modify its current satellite command. Click yes.
10 Press Auto Goto x-x again and it will ask you if you want to replace all satellites with Goto x-x command click yes.
11 Then it will ask do you want to use current satellite as referential, click yes.
12 Scroll down satellite list to find one you want and then press send.

Now the worlds your lobster and you can begin, you may need to do a bit of tweaking here and there but you won’t be doing any thing you haven’t done before, so good luck and and happy viewing. The next stage will be encryption but as I am a novice on this I cannot help but if you read these forum’s I’m sure you’ll find your answers, if not don’t be shy and ask they will only be too pleased to help as they did with me and with this in mind I would like to thank the following.


Without these people especially I would not have been able to get so in no particular order thankyou to :

And many more

Special thanks to the master you know who you are


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Thanks :-thumbup.
Got my 80cm motorised kit up and running today following your guide. Would not have known how to move ths dish via the Sky Star 2 otherwise.
My Satellite Setup
pentium4 3.2ghz
skystar2 rev2.3
1mtr dish & jaeger 99G 36v motor, with a superjack DP-6600. dvb-t aswell,in the process of setting up
My Location
:-thumbup glad it helped (hey maybe i am worth my salt)


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Dear Brother

Let me thank you for ur patience to wrtite this extremely tutorial for motor setup.

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