FTA updates How?



I have a topfield TF5000CI receiver, I was told that to receive new Free to Air Channels I needed to connect my PC to the Sat receiver with a 9 pin serial cable . I then had to open the Vega .exe file ( downloaded from Topfields website) and upload the info. I could then add any sat channel I want and download it to the receiver.

Well, my pc shows there is a connection from PC to SAT receiver but it wont upload any infor that the satreicever has. I get the message : waiting for request: Reboot setop box.

I have switched my setop off and switched it on again. I have come out of digital and gone in to terrestial tv and various other permutations of the above and still no joy.

Could some eggsplain in simple englilsh what i am not doing , most of the features on the menu are greyed out.

Help is much needed on this matter

Many thanks