Funcard - Opos - Goldcard - Silvercard ???



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Ok, until last year i think we had no problems at all of watching Viaccess1. I still dont have any problems now neither. However i have a little question : my next step to digital knoledge is mediaguard, coz i think it is preatty much all i can get with an Aston Cam and Comag Seca CI2 receiver on Hotbird. I wonder what cards do you use for that one ? I heard that OPOS is some new stuff, can Opos cards carry Viaccess 2 and Mediaguard 2 key files ??? Or what card do you use to program viaccess 2 keys ?

The deal is to get Viaccess 2 working on some card so that my Echostar can decrypt it. I have update Echostar via satellite.

And the 2d deal is to get Aston Cam show me all she can. But still i dont get what card is used for it. I dont think a simple Fun6 will do it. But then what ?

Or yeh and do i have to update the seca CI2 reaceiver as well ? Or just the Aston Cam is fine.

Most important question : what can i get to see with an Aston Cam in a SecaCI2 reciever on Hotbird ?