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Hi all,

Just got my first funcard after playing with goldcards for quite a while.

I'm using an elvis progger, with the funload dos software that came with it. I can program the card no problem with the flash.hex and internal and external eeprom hexe's and everything seems fine, but the card will not work when i put it in my aston 1.5 seca cam (using a strong srt4375 receiver)
I got the seca hex from:

It apparently has the october keys added.
Could someone perhaps try this file and see if they have any luck with it? or point me in the right direction for a working file with keys?

Or is there something i could be doing wrong? i have spent ages looking around the net for information including the homepage and i seem to be doing everything right. i have tried the funcard editing program to check the keys are in there but i just get a wrong file format error, and i have tried various funcard files but with no joy.

I would most appreciate any help in this matter.

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HI Jamie2001
As we are in November, using November keys, has your hex file got the November keys included?

It could be that there is a problem with the way you program your card?

Can you read the card information from the Cam Menu options in you reciever? This is to know if the card has been programmed correctly.

You can find the manual for your programmer here:

You should try more than one Funcard hex file.

Try in the Seca section in the funcard secion click on files optis "4" section funcard

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