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Galaxis M-Vision FCIS 7000


International Administrator
My Satellite Setup
DM800; Nokia 9800s; Nokia 9902S w/T-Rex 3.66
w/ Inverto IDLP-40TL +
Technisat 33 dish; Pace DS430N + Humax HDCI-2000 w/
Gibertini OP 1.25m dish w/Inverto 0.3dB. & Invacom 0.2dB. w/ Spaun SAR 411;
CAS 3;FUN7; SkyStar2; AltDVB;
My Location
Setubal, Portugal
Does anyone own or has an opinion on the M-Vision E+ FCIS 7000 receiver? I have a friend interested in one but I couldn't give him much info.I've visited their web site but I would like a say from someone using it. Opinions anyone?