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Galaxis Sat 600 IRD - Canal Plus Digitaal

I have obtained very cheaply a Galaxis Sat 600 IRD digital receiver with irdeto 1 cam in it. I don't have remote control or manual for it and haven't been able to get one. It appears to be preprogrammed to a Dutch bouquet, Canal Plus Rood, Blau, RTL4, RTL5. etc - 12377 on 19.2E. I can receive the radio stations ok but am asked for a smartcard for the tv channels, I have a programmer and a gold card, is there anything still using irdeto1 on this bouquet and if so are hex files available?

Is there any way of reprogramming this receiver to pick up fta channels on other bouquets? as I don't have the remote is there any software that I can use to programm the channel line up via the modem, parallel or data out ports?

Hope someone can help




Unfortunately i have this decoder and it search on 6 sets of networks, and i without remote nothing to do until i find a solution but busy to do that, coz other project specially for xcom receivers
sorry i can't help more now :-ohmy