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Getting channels from Thor at 1W (bit of a newbie)

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I'm in Wales and I've got an 80cm dish and an analogue box which is currently receiving the broadcast of TV4 from Thor 2. Pretty good picture as long as I keep the dish well aimed.

But the bastards are switching that signal off at the end of March. I really want to continue getting TV4 and perhaps whatever else I can get from Thor, so obviously I'm going to need a digital decoder.
TV4 is part of a digital package which costs nothing for people living in Sweden... but how the heck do I get the card to watch it over here? I don't want to pay a fortune, and will consider using something 'dodgy' if I have to...
Also, will I need a bigger dish or a different 'trumpet' bit for digital? I doubt the signal can degrade as nicely as analogue does.

Any advice would be greatfully received - I'm not too sure where to start.



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First thing you need to do is get yourself a Digital receiver...Buy a copy of What Satellite MAG. and have a look at the adds...some do deals ...Buy a box and get a free LNB. When you have the box we can talk about dish size...80cm may be too small for Thor.


Here is an interesting site, http://www.nordic-satellite.com/ , you can look at and find lots of information about Thor.

Click on footprints, then the Thor satellite ie Thor 2 or 3, you will then get a contour map with dish sizes on it.

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To be honest Dave, I would not commit yourself to thinking its a definite possibility. Unless you are able to believe that any viewing of the programme content of TV4 is a bonus, then you wont be too disappointed.

Some customers of mine have been able to get subscription cards for Finnish TV in the UK , there is a chance that the Swedish broadcasters will allow the basic package cards to be supplied outside of Scandinavia. For this then you will require a receiver able to process Conax transmissions, (Force has a couple of models , I will be testing a PVR model later this month )