Giant toddlers meet for wrestling match



A pair of youngsters, billed as two of the world's largest pre-schoolers, have met for a wrestling match in the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

Georgy Bibilauri and Dzhambulat Khotokhov had both hoped for victory, but they settled for ice cream instead.

Khotokhov, a Russian weighing eight stone 11 pounds and three foot 11in tall, is the world's largest four-year-old, according to the match's organisers.

Tbilisi native Bibilauri, who turned five on Wednesday is four foot tall and weighs eight stone.

After the boys tied on the mat, they went off to celebrate Bibilauri's birthday with ice cream and chocolate.

Georgian wrestling champion Levan Tediashvili, who refereed the match, says he admired the boys' sportsmanship.

"They are fantastic kids," he said. "These two giants give off such positive vibes. We Russians and Georgians should follow their example."

The match's organiser, Georgian journalist Tengiz Pachkoriya, says he came up with the idea after reading a newspaper article about Khotokhov.

"They became friends after spending the day together," he said. "I hope the friendship will last many years."