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Girl finds two-inch penis on Incredible Hulk doll



A six-year-old girl who won an Incredible Hulk doll at a seaside fair, found it came complete with a penis.

Leah Lowland found the two-inch penis after checking out the doll's mystery bulge under the comic-book character's ripped purple shorts.

Her mother Kim said the toy was one of several prizes she could choose after Leah knocked down cans with bean bags at the fair on Brighton Pier.

The doll is made by a firm based in Valencia, Spain.

But she chose the doll because she thought Leah would like it amid publicity about the new Hulk movie, says The Sun.

Kim, from Biggin Hill, Kent, says the dolls should be banned. "A hulk with a bulk like this just shouldn't be allowed. Considering the doll is only 12-inches tall it's amazing how big his willy is."


Hmm, now what seems to be the problem?
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You wait till you see it ANGRY,it will look like a cucumber