gizlog1.3 and twinhan pci card


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Hi all, i have read all the post that i can find regarding gizlog1.3 and twinhan pci card. However, gizlog still does not work for me. I intsalled gizlog1.3. I also use the thstreamreader03 from I set the LOF1&2 = 10750000 (this for telstar 5 north america), fre= 10290000 (for TFC provider) and symbolrate= 20000000. Polarity= 0 (H). PID is the one i found from lyngsat, PID = 10FF. I also put the infor (MKH, HSN, PMK) from a valid card. Still, every time Gizlog run, it give me fail to open channel. I use the same set up with mytheatry, probDVB, johndec, winDTV and they all work and log well. Regarding the PID, is it the emm-PID or just the VPID provided by lyngsat? If anyone who succesfully test the gizlog1.3 and twinhan pci card, please help me. thank you in advance. by the way, i can log using twinlog and twinhan card. I then use the bin2log to convert the logged.bin to logged.txt. Never find any EMK keys. How do i know if i log garbage or not?
I've download WinData 1.5 from

I need only to receive internet using PID = 1F00
The PID (Filter Options) disabled and can't be changed in this version
Please advice any way to do this usin TwinHan DST-CI PCI-Card

I really need to change the filter option in WinData 1.5 from (Use the MAC address of the hardware) which is default to (Calculate MAC address from IP address of Dial-up connection) to use the DST-CI with which is originally configured to use B2C2 software with SR2045U unit to receive internet via satellite ArabSat 3A

I guess the IP option will be loaded automatic but still need to change (The Filter Options) which disabled in WinData 1.5 and can not change the defaults , Please advice how to enable changing it because it's required also to set Unicast PID to 0x1F00 or data receive will not work using Nortel VPN client or Windows XP Professional VPN connection.