Global Cam for Humax ci5100?




i live in scandinavia, and i currently have a nokia mediamaster 9802s, with embedded viaccess, plus conax cam for canal digital.

i am now looking to buy a new receiver. first, i was thinking about humax 5400z patched (with a 5in1 cam, to enable later potential use of a fun card), where i could have used the empty CI-slot for my current conax cam, but i understand the patched irdeto 5in1 cam would not be compatible with my current official viaccess card?

i then heard of the global cam. now, would i be better off buying humax CI5100 receiver + global cam? i could then use the two empty CI slots for my current viaccess card in the global cam, plus the conax cam in the other slot? also, do i understand correct that many satellite companies are moving towards 2nd versions of the different encryption methods, and i would then be in a better position to maybe use these with the global cam (because it is compatible with viaccess2, seca 2 and ideto 2 ?) through a fun card later?

sorry if this all is basics, i am a newbie in these things - thanks for the replies in advance!



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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 18-Jun-02 AT 02:32 PM (GMT)]Hi,

There is no simple answer to your query, as what one buys is a question of personal preference. May I suggest, that you carefully study the following web link, kindly provided by nobbly:
It contains information on all popular MultiCrypt solutions currently available.

I have been in your shoes two months ago and opted for an Echostar CI receiver with embedded Viaccess (my primary encryption system) and a Magic Module. (You may want to read a thread dedicated to it, in this forum)

Personally, I do not like the idea of the embedded Irdeto1 module in Humax-5400 patched to 5 IN 1 cam. Firstly, I do not feel it is very future-proof, given the current move to new versions of encryption systems (as you correctly pointed out).
I also feel, there are chances to screw the entire receiver by further patching which may well be needed. There were problems reported in the past in relation to patching the Irdeto 1 CAMs.

A highly commended Force 1122 receiver has got built-in Viaccess and Conax and two CI slots for your Multicrypt CAM. Buying this would allow you to sell on your Conax CAM.

By the way, do you use an official Telenor card in your Conax CAM, or are there any files/ keys available anywhere?