Golden Interstar DSR8001Premium -Problems

My Satellite Setup
Humax HDCI200 + TM6800HDS + 1.2m Motorised Dish,Diablo Cam ....
My Location
Hello from Manchester! :)
Could someone Explaint to me what could happened to may Receiver?
I have Golden Interstar DSR8001Premium ,with Main Version: 1.58G4C3M1S3
Boot version: 1.28
Data Vers: 20
I have Edit the Transponders and the Frequency, with STBDBManager-Ver0x14-Europe , Downloaded somme files from Satcodx.... and after Uploding with: STBDownload-Multi1.5 the setings I COULD NOT decode any Crypted Programs. By Pressing the ,0` button shows just scope diagrams with the signal strech. So did I lost the original EMU software? Is any way to reset my Receiver back to "Normal"or has any body the FLASH.dat file for this receiver?
Has anybody the following Main Version: 1.59G4C3M2S3 ?
Can You Help?
Thank You for your Help in advance.
Best Regards Nick