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Good things come to those that ...?


Post Meister
My Satellite Setup
2xPace 430N, 1xNokia MM9800, 1xNokia 80cm Sat Dish, 1xGibertini 120cm, Big Fat Furry Puss
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Berlin, Germany.
Dear All,

ITV Squigital goes belly-up (14:53)!! Delays for new FTA Squigiboxes? What next for you lot in the UK - the demise of 16:9?

Berlin, meanwhile, goes fully DTT by the end of this year; albeit, MHEP FTA boxes and services will be rolled-out for testing purposes during the summer .

Hope it all works out fine for UK DTT. I have SKY and shudder to think who is smuggly leaping around Rupert's office at the moment.

Have Fun,